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Free JSmooth is a neat, open source Java Executable Wrapper
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If you’re a Java app developer you probably already know that, even if it’s a very important aspect of the entire development process, choosing the proper distribution method and creating the suitable wrappers/packages is also a quite difficult and time-consuming step. JSmooth is a simple, neat, and handy Java Executable Wrapper that quickly builds the standard Windows executable binaries (.exe) needed to launch Java applications. The binaries created with JSmooth can contain all the information needed for the deployment and the launch of your Java application. This includes class paths, specific Java properties, JVM version requirements, and so on.

Furthermore, JSmooth is able to detect any installation of the Java VM by itself. If no Java VM is installed, the JSmooth wrapper can be configured to automatically download and install a suitable one. In such cases it can also display a warning message or redirect the users to the websites from where they can download the required JVM.

Another really nice thing about this handy little tool is that it allows selection and usage of different wrappers, including several GUI, console, and Windows Service ones. It also comes with a really easy-to-use interface that allows you to easily configure every aspect of the resulting executable. You can even associate an icon to the created executable or even add special variables that are not available for Java programs, such as the executable path and name.

To sum it all up, JSmooth is a really nice tool that works as intended and the fact that it’s also open source makes it even more desirable.

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  • Easy-to-use GUI
  • Open source
  • Several GUI, console, and Windows Service wrappers are available
  • Detects any JVM installation


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